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5 Cricket Rules Changed By ICC

Hello and welcome friends today in this blog we are talking about the new 5 Cricket Rules  changed by ICC in recent times. All you know that cricket is a gentlemans game.So to favour and put the stability between Bat and Ball ICC has changed it’s Rule. Hope so this rules can provide us better entertainment and a better game between bat and ball. so here are the 5 rules which ICC has changed it’s Cricket Rules and it’s all valid or applied from 1 October 2017.

Cricket Rules
Cricket Rules

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Here are the Top 5 Rules Which Where Changed By ICC and valid from 1 October 2017

Rule No.1 : Bat Size

We all know that in cricket  there is always a Dominace of Bat over the Ball. so your first rule is on the Cricket Bat. ICC has made it clear that the Size of a Cricket Bat is Same means all batsman bat size is equal and ICC has given the regular bat size. Regular bat size is Not More than 10 CM Wide (Thickness) and not more the 4 CM Edge. Before this rule we have seen that every batsman has it’s own bat size and it’s very difficult for bowler to get his wicket due to wider edge and thickness.  Batsman like David Warner and Chris Gayle have to change there Bat as per latest ICC  Cricket Rules. Before this rules warner and gayle have the wider bat and more edge bat.This rule defenetly helps bowler to stop some runs as per new Cricket Rules.

Rule No.2 : Penalties and Red Cards

In cricket field when any player misbehave to others or umpires then that player will get charged or bannafter that match this is according to previous rules but now ICC has changed it’s Cricket Rule to make a cricket gentleman’s game once again. So according to new rule if any player sledge or misbehave to other players or umpires or any others and umpires didn’t like that so umpires can give that player a Red Card Penalty. In that red card penalty umpires can ban players for 10 minutes or for 10 overs or for 1 innings it’s all depend on umpires how much they want to do. So this new rule could actually make a cricket gentleman’s game.

Rule No.3 : Run Outs

This rule is one of the most important rule changed by ICC. According to previous rule if the batsman is running or standing and he crosses the line with his bat and the bat is in the air and the bails or off so the batsman is out because he does not landed his bat in to the ground. So as per new Cricket Rules if the batsman crosses the line and bat is in the air and the bails are off so that means that the batsman is safe and he is not out. If the batsman crosses the line it means he is fully safe it doesn’t matter if it’s bat is in the air or landed. This rule will make a huge changes in the upcoming cricket.

Rule No.4 : DRS and Umpires Call

Previously when any team takes DRS and the decision is umpires call then that team will lose that DRS if that original call is out means if on field have given out and any team takes DRS and decision is umpires call so that review is wasted because original decision is out given by on field umpire. Now according to Cricket Rules if any team takes DRS and the umpire has given out to that and decision is umpires call so that DRS is not going to be wasted it’s fully safe. Simply if DRS is taken and umpires call occurs then that DRS is not going to be wasted. That’s the good  Cricket Rule made by ICC to balance the game.

Rule No.5 : No of Reviews 

In test cricket there are 2 reviews available at the starting of the innings and after 80 overs 2 more reviews given to the team. But according to Cricket Rules only 2 reviews will given to each teams in a single innings. No extra  reviews will be given after 80 overs as per old Cricket Rules.

Second big Changes is that DRS is Mandatory in T20 International matches as per new ICC rules.

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